Through its I AM Initiative, the   Junior League of the Quad Cities is committed to improving the perception and self-image of women through leadership and empowerment to inspire change!

About the I AM Inititative:  The I AM Initiative came out of a goal to identify major issues in our community that Junior League of the Quad Cities may impact.  After analyzing opportunities and considering the mission of  our League, we identified a meaningful core issue:  Improving the self-image and perception of women through leadership and empowerment to inspire change!  Since its inception, the I AM Initiative has employed a variety of strategies and tactics to move forward in its mission, all of which were intended to highlight and honor the incredible attributes possessed by women, to help us all to realize I AM stong, I AM empowered, I AM willing to drive change. 
Improving Self-­Confidence and Leveraging Teamwork
I  AM  Strong  5K  Mudventure  Race:  The JLQC held its first I AM Strong 5K Mudventure Race in 2012, an all women 5K off-road obstacle race for all athletic abilities.  The event provides financial benefits not only to JLQC, but also to other non-profit beneficiaries.  Through the challenge of the race, its participants conquer self-imposed limitations while working together to accomplish more than they might have ever imagined.  It not only inspires participants, but volunteers, sponsors and spectators alike as it provides a glimpse into the physical, mental and emotional power of women. 

Building Awareness

Film Viewings:  The Junior League of the Quad Cities has hosted and collaborated in hosting viewings of The Hunting Ground in 2015, Any Kid, Anywhere in October 2014, The Invisible War in January 2014, and Miss Representation in April 2012.  These film viewings exposed the Quad City community to our I AM Initiative and helped to get the conversation started: how will we inspire change in our community?
Inspiring the Future
WINGs Teen Peer Mentor Program:  Women Inspiring the Next Generation (WINGs) at Davenport West High School is currently in its third year and has over 60 active girls.  WINGs serve as a mentorship program to develop the leadership potential of young women.  WINGs is committed to helping young women gain self-awareness, develop healthy relationships and training, social-emotional education, engaging activities, service-learning and special projects, WINGs serves as a springboard for girls' dreams to take flight. 

Impacting the Community

Yours for a Year:  Each year, JLQC invests volunteer hours and financial commitments into community agencies and programs that support our I AM Initiative.  The Yours for a Year program was designed to be a collaboration between JLQC and another organization with the purpose being to meet a pre-determined need with specific and measurable objectives.     

Advocacy:  Members of JLQC are advocates for the communities we serve.  The Advocacy and Governance Committee works to ensure that JLQC members are informed and understand our focus areas, community impact, and how to use our collective voice to achieve our mission.  Our present platforms include initiatives to support actions and policies designed to protect and empower students victimized by campus sexual assault and to strengthen transparency and accountability on the part of colleges and universities; promoting awareness of programs in our community directed toward service providers and programs to assist human trafficking victims in need; and workplace actions and policies that are family-centric and focused on achieving equality in the workplace.